The RH10 is a diesel-powered underground loader designed for metal mines, with a loading capacity of 10 tons and suitable for 4m x 4m mine tunnels. The main components are internationally renowned brands, and the control system utilizes CAN bus communication technology, load-sensitive hydraulic variable system, electro-hydraulic proportional control, and a 7-inch display screen that shows real-time operating parameters with fault alarm prompts and self-diagnostic functions. Comes standard with automatic centralized lubrication system, automatic shift system, remote control system for visibility, and optional Ansul automatic fire extinguishing system.
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RH10 is a designed for underground metal mines with a load capacity of10tons of diesel scrapers, suitable for4m x 4m mine tunnel.

The main components of the vehicle adopt international famous brands, and the control system adoptsCAN bus communication technology, hydraulic system load sensitive variable system, electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control, vehicle-mounted 7-inch display screen can display the operating parameters of the scraper in real time, and has fault prompt alarm and self-diagnosis functions. Standard automatic centralized lubrication system, automatic shift system, line-of-sight remote control system, optionalAnsulAutomatic fire suppression system.


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